Insurance Coverage and Payment Options

Paying for a nursing home stay or a stay at a skilled nursing and rehabilitation community can be daunting, but we make it as easy as possible. These are some of the questions we are frequently asked about insurance coverage, Medicare and other payment-related issues.

How do I pay for my stay at Fort Gaines?

There are many insurance coverage and payment options for Georgia nursing homes and skilled nursing communities. At Fort Gaines, we participate in Medicaid, Medicare Part A & B, most private insurance, hospice, respite care and participating HMO plans.

Will my insurance pay for my health and rehabilitation services at Fort Gaines?

The amount that your insurance company will contribute towards skilled nursing care depends on your individual policy coverage guidelines. A member of our admissions team can help you to answer this question based on the specifics of your particular situation.

What are the payment options for the portion of services that are not covered by my insurance company?

When you visit Fort Gaines Health and Rehab, ask to speak with our admissions coordinator. A member of our admissions team would be happy to help you determine which long-term care benefits your loved one may qualify for. Here are some options:

  • Medicare benefits are available to millions of Americans, including those over age 65 and some people under 65 who are disabled or suffer from permanent kidney failure. Visit Medicare's Web site at www.Medicare.gov for more information.
  • Medicaid is an option for eligible low-income patients in need of long-term nursing care. Eligibility requirements vary from case to case, and we can help you determine if you qualify.
  • Many insurance companies and employers now offer long-term care insurance.

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