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Skilled Nursing Services and Sub Acute Care

As a leading skilled nursing and sub-acute care community, our Fort Gaines, Georgia skilled nursing facility provides excellent care to our residents who require superior medical and nursing care, as well as top-notch rehabilitation services for our injured, disabled, or sick guests. Services offered include:

  • Short Stay - Fort Gaines Health and Rehab provides short stay care. This includes Sub Acute Care and Post Acute Care for individuals who are in a hospital but no longer need acute hospital care yet they require more than what can be provided for at home. During this transition from hospital to home, we can help. 
  • Long Term Care - Long Term Care is when an individual requires more assistance than can be provided in a hospital or at home for an extended period of time. These residents may need anywhere from a few months to years of care. None of our placements are permanent yet some of our residents will transition into long term traditional nursing home care.
  • Individual Care Plans -- Comprehensive, individual care plans are created in tandem with your physician and the Fort Gaines care team to outline the strategy of care during your stay at our facility.
  • 24-Hour Skilled Nursing -- Fort Gaines Health and Rehab is staffed by Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses who work closely with your physician or the care team assigned to your overall health..
  • Intravenous (IV) Therapy -- Our IV therapy delivers needed fluids, specialty medications and nutritional supplements to our residents to ensure a speedy recovery. Our skilled nursing personnel provide IV care in a way that produces positive medical outcomes with minimum discomfort.
  • Wound Care Management -- The Fort Gaines team include health care practitioners who specialize in wound care management. Our nurses are trained professionals who promote the rapid healing of wounds such as: abrasions, lacerations, contusions, avulsions, diabetic foot ulcers, venous and arterial ulceration, and traumatic and surgical wounds.
  • Tracheotomy Care -- Our skilled nurses are trained in tracheostomy care and the maintenance of artificial airways to prevent serious or even life-threatening complications. Fort Gaines tracheostomy care programs include assessment and evaluation, suctioning, stoma care, dressing changes, changing inner cannula and other essential services.
  • Radiology -- Our facility is equipped with access to advanced radiology equipment and professional radiologists to provide medical imaging that is crucial to residents progress and care strategy.
  • Laboratory & Pharmacy Services -- Laboratory and pharmacy services play an important role in recovery and rehabilitation. We provide easy access to both laboratory and pharmacy services in support of our commitment to a first-rate rehabilitative experience.
  • Nutritional Services -- In addition to encouraging our residents to participate in meal selection, our nutritional service menus are developed to comply with both personal preferences and individual dietary requirements/restrictions. The Fort Gaines facility offers exceptional dining facilities.

Located in Fort Gaines, Georgia, Fort Gaines is a recognized leader in skilled nursing and sub-acute care services.

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